Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So now that you are all in love with my adorable tutu's. You can now buy them for $12. (plus shipping) I can make it semi-custom. You can specify which colors you would like (up to 4). How long you would like it 1ft or 2 (2ft is $16) And how big the waist needs to be (inches). I have the following colors available:
  This is the 1st tutu I made which is 1 ft in lenght, it has a light purple, light pink, maroonish pink and black tulle.
This is my newest addition. This tutu is 2ft in length, the colors are a bright neonish pink, a powder pink, black and white. It's kind of hard to see the colors that well which is why I have the below pictures.
These two pinks are what were used in the 2nd tutu (powder pink, dark purple, bright neonish pink)

                                                  (red, dark blue)
                                                 (yellow, light blue)
 These are the colors used in the 1st tutu (maroonish pink, light purple, black and light pink)

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