Monday, January 9, 2012

New work space

So I had a craft table and a small desk for my computer, you know the necessities! But now that I got a sewing machine and I'm starting all these new projects I needed a little bit more space and to get a little bit more organized. I love scrapbooking but I haven't made a page since moving from Utah almost 3 years ago! (so sad I know!) So I bought a few new organizational pieces and re-arranged my office/craft space. I am so excited. I can now see all of my fun projects that are awaiting my attention. Now if I could find more than an hour or two during nap time to craft I would be able to get all this stuff done! :)

Would you like to see pictures? If so leave me a comment. So with my new office and all of my new projects going on. I'm offering to do another giveaway if I get 50 followers on my blog and on my facebook page! So go tell all of your friends and you might be able to win a few cute things from me! :)

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